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Logitech PowerPlay Wireless Charging System

P/N : 943-000109
Warranty : 2 Years


A Revolution in Gaming
With POWERPLAY and LIGHTSPEED technology integrated, Logitech G has solved the barriers to high performance wireless gaming. Input lag, wireless drops and dead batteries are now a thing of the past. Wireless is the future of PC gaming, made possible through advanced science and unrivaled engineering.
Infinite Power
POWERPLAY provides endless play by keeping your compatible Logitech G mouse charged at all times, even while you game.
LIGHTSPEED™ Wireless Technology
Logitech G invented LIGHTSPEED wireless technology to deliver the ultimate in high-performance wireless gaming.
Game-Driven RGB
The G logo lights up in brilliant LIGHTSYNC RGB color that responds to in-game action in many titles. Use Logitech G HUB and set your lighting color and animations with up to 16.8 million colors. You can even synchronize lighting effects with Logitech G keyboards, speakers, and headsets for a unified look and feel.
Cloth and Hard Gaming Mouse Pads
Tune your performance with your surface of choice. We include both our cloth and hard pads so you can customize and swap interchangeably. POWERPLAY will suit your style right out of the box.
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